Ways To Prank Your Enemys/PRANK WAR!!!

For The Enemies Who Love Their Hair:

1)If they are a girl and you know where they live sneak into their bedroom and use scissors to shave their head.

2)The other thing you can do is break into their home and empty their shampoo and conditioner with the bad quality ones that stink.

3)If they are a boy you can still shave their head or steal all their hair gel or replace their hair gel with rubbish ones that smell like puke.

Quick and easy pranks to do on your enemy’s at school:

4)If they have one of those pencils that have a pink rubber chew up some pink bubble gum and then replace it with the rubber

5)if your enemy is scared of spiders or some sort of insect buy a plastic pack of those and scatter then all around the inside of your enemies  lunch and maybe bite on there apple or sandwich to make it look more realistic

6)If you can steal your BFF’s phone, have a little fun by turning her apps into kitties. All you need to do is go to iPhoneception in a phone’s browser and your prank is complete. To take it up a notch, make their ringtone a meow.

April fools day pranks:

7)Do you ever get the feeling that someone is watching you? Your family will find out that their fruit actually is. To do that just stick googly eyes on fruit.

8) dose your friend or sibling love their phone or laptop? Get some silicon or glue and put it on some baking paper then let it dry, so now you will have this see through silicon or dry glue you can paint it so it looks like you spilt juice then put it on their laptop but it wont do any effect to the laptop.

9) Is your enemy a fan of donuts?Now the way you would start this would be buying a donut box but of course you would eat all the donuts. So now that the box is empty fill it with things they hate like broccoli. If you want to take it up a notch print out a picture of you eating the donuts and then put it inside the box next to it put the picture with a little message now deliver it to then.

10)Have you noticed nobody likes brussels sprouts now you have to put it on an old lollipop stick that you washed  then use some tissue paper to cover it now it should look like a lollipop then give it to them.

11) Are they scared of cockroaches  well just cut out a cockroach from black paper and stick it on the inside of a lamp then turn the lamp on now it looks like there is a cockroach in your lamp.

12) Everybody loves cookies so for this prank just make some cookies but instead of sugar use salt they would look exactly the same but they will taste a whole lot diffrent.

13) For this prank will need to get some water and mix it with cheese powder now it should look like orange juice. Leave it on a table for your victim to drink.

14) For this prank it’s pretty simple now just put food dye in their toothpaste and when they brush their teeth their teeth will look the colour of the food dye.

15) For this one paint some soap with clear nail polish and wait for the nail polish to dry. Then the soap will be useless

16)Get a bottle of hand sanitizer and fill it with clear glue. Then fill the empty bottle of clear glue with had sanitizer. So now they should both be swapped.

17) For this one you will need to get a computer mouse and put a sticky note on the bottom glowing bit and if you want to you could write a cheeky a note like “look who’s prank queen now”

18) So for this one cut up some bubble wrap and hide it under a rug or something so when they walk on it they will hear popping

19)This one is a classic glue a penny on the ground quite simple right?

20)So for this one just get an ice cream cone and instead of filling it with ice cream fill it with butter and if they ask what flavour say try it then guess.

21)If they usually put on perfume replace it with pickle juice.

22) Now if you can get your hands on their phone cover it in rubber bands so that the phone is now useless unless they pull the bands of which is why you should put on lots.

23)Jelly donut more like ketchup donut, that’s right instead of jelly replace it with ketchup.

24) So if you know some one that wheres a wig chew so gum up and put it in their wig or hair.

25) So for this one cut out bacon the same size as the gum piece so then you would replace the gum with bacon.

26)Get 3 cups fill with juice and then fill the other one with jelly but they all have to look the same. then see they notice the difference, wait, there is no difference.

27)If some of your enemys love watching T.V, here’s a good one! Put some tape over their remote, and make sure you can’t see the tape on the remote. And if you want to take it up a notch, unplug the T.V and put a horror movie in the disc.

WARNING: This mite get you in jail for about…… 20000 YEARS!!!!!! To bad for you! 

Here is some easy steps to do on your sibling or enemy.

1)Wake up really early(5:00) and dress up as Dark-Vader.

2)Then make really disgusting cupcakes Because you hate them of coarse. (But make sure you make them look nice or else!)

3)Then you can go in the bathroom and “borrow” some of your mum’s nice smelling cupcake perfume.

4)Take your Dark-Vader costume off and wake you sibling or enemy up and take them down to the basement.

5)Then tell them to wait a quick second because you have a surprise.

6)Put on the costume and get you disgusting cupcakes.

7)Then jump into the basement and grab their wrench little neck and force-feed the cupcakes down their throat with your hand until frosting oozed out of their ears.

8)Leave them there and let them rot.

More April Fools Day pranks:

28)Does your sibling always want your stuff and there is no where to hide it then stick it with tape on the ceiling and they will never find it.

29)For this prank put loads of sticky notes in a certain area and cover it all up.

30)For this one dip broccoli in chocolate and freeze them. Ask them if they want some chocolate.

31)For this one get a bowl and fill it  with water carefully stick the bowl to the ceiling  and them attach a broom to the bowl then go and ask some one to hold it for you then run away.

32)For this one get a balloon a fill it with water then stick the balloon on a enemytray and cover it with chocolate and make it look like a cake then ask your friend if they want to cut it for you then BOOM

33)For this prank

How to make horrible facial cream for your enemy:

You need:

Pancake syrup

Blueberry yogurt

Fig snack cookies

Canned spinach

Missy’s hot coco mix

Tape water with 6 ice cubes

How you make:

1)Sneak into the kitchen at 1:00 in the morning because then you mum and dad won’t be up in you business asking stupid questions.

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100 Word Challenge Special Prompt #4

“WHY WOULD I DO THAT” I yelled at Sadie, my weird boss. “I WOULD NEVER JUMP OFF A CLIFF!”

“Okay, just checkin’, but still, you won’t get hurt! Unlike Ruby! She jumped off in 100000000000000 +1 times and got really hurt! Sorry.” Sadie said annoyed.

Well, when Ruby jumped off the cliff, she said that she was “titanium” But nooooo, got hurt 100000000000000 +1 times.

“You better be really hurt by the time I get back!” Sadie scolded at me, “Because, I am really hungry! I’m gonna go to McDonald’s! And listen to: Who Let The Dogs Out!  So goodbye! forever!!!!!!!! Muhahahahaha!!!!

“Okay, bye.”

100 Word Challenge Special Prompt #3 (18)

You mite mistake me for a weird stupid person, but sometimes words pop into my head and I can NEVER GET THEM OUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today the words are:

Flame   Ice   Lime   Regularly   Clock

Listen up PEOPLE! You should never put flame and ice together because then POOF!!! YA DEAD!

I just think that a lime could rot a clock so why bother doing this stuff!?


I feel for these peeps and I want to keep them safe……


I need to calm down and just play-

100 Word Challenge Special Prompt #2 (18)

What is it?

A time Manichean?

A space door?

Then I walked through it, and……

There was a flash of lighting and…….

OK, no more dramatic stuff, just tell you what happened ( Bor)

So, (I’ll do in song)

I wasssss, walking down the street the other day but it was actually the woods. Then there was a door I stepped inside and I nearly died. Then I –

STOOOOOOP! I do tooooo much then’s.

Hang on, I did not! My boss is so annoying! He says I stole something!?  <evil grin>

OK, maybe I should, Oh already 100 words!? You said 20!!!!! HUFFFFFFF!!!!!!

100 Word Challenge Week #39 (18)

I. Am. So. Bored.

I have nothing to do at this stupid Museum. Why world, WHY!!!!!!!! Today were just looking at a ball of rotten dinosaur bones.

OK, maybe not rotten but still, SUPER BORING!!!!!!! Hang on, it just, MOVED! Like, 1 cm or something…….

OR NOT!!!!

AHHHHHHH! Now it broke the window!!!!!!! I need to run. WHY!? Because it’s rolling at me like a crazy bull!

Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, OK, wait, run, run, done!!!!!!!  No! Run, run, run, run, run, STOPPPPPP!

Now I can, Because I am out of breath, and. I’m out.



100 Word Challenge Week #38 (18)

My mind is like a hurricane of words right now. And you ask why i’m not enthusiastic? Well……


I have 5 words in mind, and can’t get them out of me!!!!  And those 5 words are…..

Leopard    Tennis    Shop    Purple    Grabbed

I am so angry I could just @#!%$!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I think I’m overacting juuust a bit……. OR NOT!!!!!!!☹️

OK, I just need to……

HA! J.K! You just got burned!!!! None of that is true!!! And now for my plan….

I’m gonna use these words and destroy the worllllllllld!

I am such an evil genius, I even scare myself!





100 Word Challenge Special Prompt #1 (18)

Ahh! I can’t take it any more!!! Why can’t my life be perfect!☹️  All I need is a nice relaxing day!!!!

My story stated as me on the bridge when I heard the most scariest sound ever! I stopped in my cold dead tracks! I heard it was coming from under the bridge. Then I just stood there like a statue. Then I turned in to a brave bear or something, and thought I can do it.

As the sound came closer, I shivered. Badly. So as I looked over the edge, and saw…. Noo! I can’t tell you!!!



Why do dogs eat different food to humans?

Have you ever wondered how dogs digest foods differently to us?

Dogs eat a variety of food like: meat and tissue digested things. As you know, dogs can eat most things. Even though dogs eat mostly any food, whether it’s wet or dry, dogs require the same benefits as we do.

Humans can eat anything like sweet, sour, dry, wet or hard. We also eat because it’s healthy for us. If we didn’t eat enough our body will stop working.

The difference between dog food and human food is that dog food has carbohydrates. Things in dog food are: Meat, vegetables, grains and rice. We also eat differently centenary and dogs eat diffusely.

Sometimes dog food can hurt you, depending on what’s in there. If you just eat a bit you will be fine, but if you eat a lot there will be a reaction to toxic foods, a main one is: getting really sick or puffing up really badly. That is called an allergy.

Some dogs end up in bad conditions and others just don’t. If you give a bite of food not for dogs, (EG. Chocolate) to your dog every day, it’s not good.

As some people know dogs go to the grass quicker than we do. This is because we digest things (which takes longer) and dog’s food gets absorbed. (Which is quicker.)  There is an acid in dog’s tummy that helps break food down easily. And human’s liver and organs makes a thing called bile that helps digest foods and stuff.

So when you get a dog you know what dogs eat, and how they digest food differently too humans.




Alleges: Someone that becomes sick after touching, eating or breathing in something.

Benefits: A good thing that happened.

Carbohydrates: Foods that have nutrients, energy and heath.

Digested: The process of making food absorbed by breaking it down.

Organs: They are grouped together called an organ system.

Reaction: To change in a particular way.

Varieties: Number of different things e.g. Chips, fruits, ice-cream etc.