Time for clues

But not for cows who moo

If you find

Lots of mime

Then you will see

The really big bee

And if you don’t

Then please do quote

Because I need to find out

what your about

Sad times

I’m sad when it rains

I’m sad when I’m in pain

Sad times 

Sad times

I’m sad when people die

I’m sad when friendship gets fried

Sad times

Sad times

But if your sad

A friend can make you glad


The doorbell is ringing

I open the door

You told me were not friends anymore

I looked at you sadly

I felt like you died

But the only thing that did that

Was are really poor friendship

That got fried


Angel and Devil

Angel and Devil

Enemies forever Angels are helping

Devils are making dilemmas


Cold hearted

Warm hearted

2 different things

Caring for people

Getting people to hold things


But we all need to know

They can get along

Only if……

The Angel plays a nice song!!!!