Dogs are better than cats!

I think dogs are better than cats because dogs are always friendly and cats are mean, cats leave fur everywhere and dogs don’t  and lastly is that cats run away.


My first reason is that dogs are always friendly and cats aren’t. And once my dog got badly scratched by a cat.


My second reason is that cats leave fur everywhere and dogs leave don’t. Have your cats ever left fur everywhere?


And my last simple reason is that cats always run away and dogs never, unless you leave the gate open. And have your cats escaped before?


So that is why I think that dogs are better than cats!

It’s cruel to keep animals in cages.

I think it is cruel to keep animals in cages. Because they need to be free, some bad people don’t care about them and they don’t give them proper food.


Some awsome reason is they need fresh air. It never makes seance why they have to be in bad cages. Because have you ever been locked in your room before? And they really sadly die. Because on the news it said an animal died in it’s cage.


My second amazing reason is some evil peolel don’t care about them. Have you lost a family member or friend? They also loose thire amazing talents! Onece a lion lost all of talants!


My last reason is that they don’t give them proper food and they mite put bad cemicals in them. Have you ever been given not prper food?


And that is why I think it is crule to keep animals in cages.


What a mess!

On one rainy day, Emily and her mum were coming home from school in a green bus.


“When we get home I want you to clean your room.” Said Emily’s mum.

“But it’s clean already! I just had a big day I want to sit down and relax! Please!


The mum said no,and Emily got really angry! And when she got home, she stomped off in her room and watched her iPad. ( Witch was an apple type! So cool!) Then her mum came and took it off her.


” Hey!” She said and standed up just when her mum shut the door.

Just so you know, Emily did not like cleaning her room.


Just then a teddy started talking to her.

” do you need help?” he asked.

“Yes please I really do!”


Then swoosh!!!!!!!!!! the room was all done!

“Mum I finished!”

“Good! Do you want to go to the park?

“Yes!”                                                                        Then they were all happy!  (I think?)


Books vs TV!

I think amazing books are better than boring TV.

I think this because the best and number one thing that can help you learn and TV,you just boringly stare at it the whole boring time and do simply nothing. And have you ever been distracted in class before? Maybe because you have been watching to much TV!

My second reason is that TV is really bad for your amazing brain and really badly hurt you. Because on the real news it said got badly hurt because they watched to much silly TV.

My last reason is because books are better for your colorful mind and  TV is,  as I said, really not good for your mind.


So that is why I think we should be reading more amazing books than boring old TV.