Why do dogs eat different food to humans?

Have you ever wondered how dogs digest foods differently to us?

Dogs eat a variety of food like: meat and tissue digested things. As you know, dogs can eat most things. Even though dogs eat mostly any food, whether it’s wet or dry, dogs require the same benefits as we do.

Humans can eat anything like sweet, sour, dry, wet or hard. We also eat because it’s healthy for us. If we didn’t eat enough our body will stop working.

The difference between dog food and human food is that dog food has carbohydrates. Things in dog food are: Meat, vegetables, grains and rice. We also eat differently centenary and dogs eat diffusely.

Sometimes dog food can hurt you, depending on what’s in there. If you just eat a bit you will be fine, but if you eat a lot there will be a reaction to toxic foods, a main one is: getting really sick or puffing up really badly. That is called an allergy.

Some dogs end up in bad conditions and others just don’t. If you give a bite of food not for dogs, (EG. Chocolate) to your dog every day, it’s not good.

As some people know dogs go to the grass quicker than we do. This is because we digest things (which takes longer) and dog’s food gets absorbed. (Which is quicker.)  There is an acid in dog’s tummy that helps break food down easily. And human’s liver and organs makes a thing called bile that helps digest foods and stuff.

So when you get a dog you know what dogs eat, and how they digest food differently too humans.




Alleges: Someone that becomes sick after touching, eating or breathing in something.

Benefits: A good thing that happened.

Carbohydrates: Foods that have nutrients, energy and heath.

Digested: The process of making food absorbed by breaking it down.

Organs: They are grouped together called an organ system.

Reaction: To change in a particular way.

Varieties: Number of different things e.g. Chips, fruits, ice-cream etc.






100 Word Challenge Week#37 (18)

It had been raining all morning, with nothing to do and my sister yelling at me like a crazy dog pooping out a watermelon! Yep! That’s how much she was yelling. I looked out my window and a pink flash of light.  What is that? I thought. So I put my raincoat on and brought my flashlight to have a closer look. Then a big thing came out of no where and took me up in the air! “ARHHHH! Is a UFO! Because it is carrying me up!” I screamed. Then I went up in the ship, and saw a……

100 Word Challenge Week #30 (18)

“When did it arrive?” I asked suspiciously to dad. It was a big huge emerald green box with my name on it. In of coarse bold. I stared at it for a few seconds, then dad said, “Just this morning, but I didn’t order anything, was it you?”

“No, how can I order it, I don’t even have a phone!”

“Well you do have a computer, and an iPad.”

“Dad I swair!”

“That’s it! Grounded!” I didn’t really worry, he probably forget.

The next day…..

OK maybe he didn’t forget, right now I am sitting in my room, crying. Dam.



100 Word Challenge Week #35 (18)

“NO! My clips! There all gone!” The girl screamed. However she couldn’t believe what she had done… All of her school clips where gone! You wanna know why? Because, she was just finished and accidentally pushed the delete button and deleted all her clips! And it was due tomorrow! That is why she was screaming. “What am I going to do!? I am going to get an F- on my test!!!!!” She yelled. Plus, she never got an F- on any of her tests. That is why she is angry. “I think I need to go to helpmate.com.au right now!”

100 Word Challenge Week #36 (18)

“MUMMY!” Yelled Betty. ” I don’t like this statue! It’s a big gun with a knot! Will I die? Will I go coo- coo? Will I die?!”

“First honey,” Mum said quietly.

“WHAT!?” She cried.

“You said “Will I die?” twice. Work on grammar. Second It’s a good gun. It’s a statue!”

Then Betty looked at the gun and said, “Why does it have a knot then? Won’t it shoot?”

“NO!!!” Mum yelled like a big buff.

“Ohhhh, and WHY ARE YOU YELLING LIKE ME MR. COPY-CAT!?” She yelled.

“OK, first-”

“No! No first’s TELL MEEEE!!!”

Then they all went coo-coo.

The Toad In The Dessert!

In a faraway land, lived a toad in a hot, sticky humid, sandy dessert.

This toad was a slimy green and brown one. And his smile as bright as day. He was also a very calm creature. He was also a happy, smart, funny, helpful one. But not today.

The sand flew in his eyes, and the ground burned his feet. The dessert was dry, yellow with barely any plants nor water. He didn’t just live there, he was an immanent to this place! He HATED IT!!

But in the distance he saw something….  Then he ran until he ran out of breath.


100 Word Challenge Week#36 (18)

You mite think the war is a very scary place for some people, but, why would it be if a knot was around a gun!!!???  If you have seen this statue before, please untie the harmful thing or it will attack the world! Yes, I said world! So you better run there and do it before….  And we are here to tell you that there is a giant gun attacking the world!  BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!! NO!!! OK calm down, it won’t come in my….  ARHHHH!!! HOUSE!!!  I am sorry to say, RIP for Jack Doe!  EXPLOSION!!!  Later…. ARHHHH!!! ROBOTS!!!!!

100 Word Challenge Week#35 (18)

NOOOO! That was me screaming. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. NOOOO! Want to know why?! Because I got into a huge mess! Well I didn’t, my so called “friend”, Lizzy, got me in a hole car accident!

My story: So my mum was coming back from the shopping place called: gotta be smart! With Jim!  Or something like that and I was with her. We were going in the car and then this other car was going psycho-path all over the place! Which crashed into us!!!!! Then I noticed that it was Lizzy’s! She couldn’t believe what she did.

100 Word Challenge Week #34 (18)

“Hi! Sup?” Said AP Rolling Stone.

“Stuff” Said Mr. cool.

“Wow! Sweet lake! It’s so pink…. Where did you get it?”

“Um, cool store, and BEYYYYYY!” Then splash!!!!! Mr. cool was in the lake. It was sprinkled pink.

“Dude, are you OK?” But no sound. Then a pink note came out of the water. AP read it. It said:

Sorry but a shark ate me up so as you can see I can’t come up. Can you please look after my house for me. Thanks!  PS. I mean to stay in it till you die. 

Then AP jumped.



100 word challenge Week #32 (18)

OMG! 10th day and I  don’t understand  the instructions!!!!!!!!!  MUST. NOT. PANIC!  I have literally no idea what to do!!!

Let me explain. So I was in gym class and we were playing this game, doge ball, and the teacher was explaining the game. Then I felt all dozy AND MISSED HALF OF THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!  Oh, so you think it’s not that important, well guess what!? Right now I am getting hit by balls and writing in my diary at the same time lady! (by, I don’t care if your a boy.) OK, time to start screaming. GO! Um…. bye.